Product engineer - frontend

Job Description:

You’re a generalist engineer, leaning towards frontend/product. You’ve probably worked on developer tools or APIs before, and have a refined sense of what makes an excellent developer tool.

We have this website (currently React + Django), an open source CLI (Go + Python), and an API (Go + Kubernetes). The website and the CLI are probably where you’ll be spending most of your time, but you might be touching any part of the stack, as well as all the other things that happen in the early stage of a company (talking to users, doing support, etc).

We don’t mind what particular skills you already have. We figure you can pick up something new quickly.

We’re looking for the right person, not just someone who checks boxes, so you don’t need to satisfy all of these things. But, you might have some of these qualities:

  • Extensive experience working on web products or developer tools.
  • Proficiency in React and Typescript, and ideally familiar with data fetching libraries like Apollo or react-query.
  • Experience building or maintaining UI component libraries and design systems.
  • An appetite for designing and evolving the architecture of front-end applications.
  • A bias toward conveying ideas (whether they’re feature requests, proposed refactors, or larger architectural changes) through working code rather than documentation or presentations.
  • Excellent communication skills. We think most of being a programmer is not programming. We want you to be able to communicate complex topics clearly, write down your thinking, write good docs, etc.
  • You don’t need to know anything about machine learning, but it might be handy.

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  • 📍 Worldwide
  • 📝 Full Time
  • 💰 USD $80,000 - $120,000
  • 📅 1 day ago